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Through powerful words and immersive visuals, Spoken Cinema® creates unforgettable experiences to engage your audience.

With so much anxious uncertainty in this new era of COVID-19, we need to hear the voice of hope…we need to use our own voices to spread the message of hope. Spoken Cinema® is honored and privileged to be that collective voice for so many.

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Your Message Brought to Life

You’re charged with telling your brand’s story, but how do you cut through the thousands of messages that your audience hears every single day? How can you venture away from the same old ideas and land in an innovative, attention-grabbing campaign that will move your stakeholders to action?

Your brand deserves to be unforgettable. We can help.

400+ Hours of video created

2.4M live attendees reached

50M video views


Creative Experts

Between acclaimed Spoken Word artist, Steve Connell and award-winning Producer, David Fischette, the Spoken Cinema® team has worked with entertainment giants like Sony, Oprah Winfrey, bringing a myriad of creative experience to you and your brand’s story.


The work executed by Spoken Cinema was second to none. Our team was beyond inspired and we’re set up for our best quarter yet. Completely blown away.


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